Just before Christmas we recieved the news that the pathology from my recent craniotomy suggests my tumour is a stage 3. As a result on Monday 20th January I’ll be starting radiotherapy for 6 weeks and following this I’ll begin chemotherapy which I’ll be on for up-to a year.

The news knocked the wind out of my sails and left me emotionally exhausted. Thankfully, having allowed time to let the news settle and with the amazing support of my nearest and dearest I am feeling ready to take on the next climb in this marathon called cancer.

The biggest side effects predicted are fatigue, nausea and hair loss.

As always, I’m focusing on the positives: I am strong, I have an incredible team (medically and socially) and I’m prepared to give it all I’ve got. I’m really grateful to everyone who has been in touch to offer support.

A huge part of my coping mechanism is physical activity and I’m delighted to say my oncologist has not only given me the ‘OK’ but encouraged me to keep running. As a result the Funny Boy and I have signed up for RED January ( and I’m now loving Park Run ( On that note – if you’d like to join me for a run please get in touch. Always keen for a run buddy and it is a good excuse for brunch after.

Im currently researching wigs. If anyone has any experience and advice – I’d be really grateful for any pointers.

I hope 2020 has been good to you so far and I look forward to see you in the coming weeks and months. BRING IT ON!


New Year’s Day Park Run 2020

3 thoughts on “BRING IT ON

  1. Speechless Heather – but as always you are a total inspiration to us all. Sending you my love and prayers as you rage against this next battle. You CAN do this and a massive FUCancer.

  2. Heather we met at the StandUp to Cancer event at the Arches in October – still inspired by you. I was at the Carols by Candlelight at Maggie’s and kept an eye out for you and the funny boy but it was SO busy there was no way of knowing if you were there or not. I’m in awe of you doing park run in the new year – I’m struggling to get my fitness back on track after 3 months of intensive studying for an exam.

    I can 100% help you with the wig situation. I lost my hair during my chemo for breast cancer and I cannot recommend highly enough. They are registered for the NHS wig scheme, but also allow you to put additional money towards them if you want a better quality wig than whats on offer, but I have to say I was massively impressed. Being diagnosed in the run up to my wedding and the year 4 of my friends were getting married, so I guess it was inevitable that I left their studio with 6!! (my husband claimed my shoe obsession was replaced with wigs during treatment). They can also style wigs for you so if you try something on and it’s not quite right they can tailor it for you – I had no hair by time my wedding reception came around (we had to get married quick and delayed the reception due to shitty cancer!) and they actually took a wig and styled it into a up do for me! Very impressed. Biggest bit of advice I can also give you is try lots of styles – even things you would never dream of trying. I was never brave enough to experiment with colour during chemo, but I had long, short, straight and curly wigs all in my natural colour, as well as some fabulous head scarfs (TK Maxx – fab for these) and Maggie’s did these little cotton caps that I loved to just wear around the house – I’m sure they will still sell them and they had loads of colours. Finally Maggie’s also ran a workshop about loosing your hair, I was on it with other girls who had brain tumours – I want to say it was called headstrong, but I’ve just googled that and it’s a mental health charity! I’m sure the team would point you in the right direction! Let me know how you get on.

  3. Up date – I was in the Western today and saw that it’s MacMillan who now do the workshop for hair loss – it’s called Headstrong service and you can book an appointment by calling them at the Western General on 0131 537 3907 – I took a photo of the poster for you today – it’s on the noticeboard outside the breast unit. I can’t work out how to attach it here.

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