FU Appendicitis

You won’t believe me – I can barely believe it myself but 6 weeks after my craniotomy and approximately 6 weeks before I am due to return for my next one I am back in hospital.

After another ugly episode of vomiting and diarrhoea which led to a seizure (due to dehydration and lack of sleep) I found myself in the back of an ambulance for the third time this year!  A few hours in AnE with very vivid hallucinations of Parsnip and a Funny Boy who was not feeling his fittest (more of that to follow in the next blog) I was admitted. A series of tests confirmed appendicitis.

Due to my existing health concerns the doctors are calling my case ‘complicated’. Usually I would be heading straight for an appendectomy but with a risk of seizures I am currently on IV antibiotics and under observation whilst they decide the next steps

So, how am I feeling?

Homesick, fed up and sick of being ‘sick’ if that makes sense. Literally being thrown one curve ball after another… Get me home to Parsnip please!!

As always #FUCANCER and for today #FUAppendicitis

2 thoughts on “FU Appendicitis

  1. Hi Heather, you really are going for it this time, could you not be content with a common cold !!! Please behave yourself and get better soon 🤞🤞CRUK and the tartan monster really need you 🙏🙏. On the bright side who got a kiss and cuddle from Michael Ball last week; not good for a hormonal woman, get her. Dry hit and bothered l can tell you 😍😍😭💕💕💕look after yourself and your two constant companions. Sending big hugs xxxxxxx

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