Project 30: 30 Sports Before 30

Today I am really excited! Not only is it my first ever VLOG (video blog) but I have began working towards one of the tasks on Project 30! I have loved sport my whole life yet as I have grown older I find myself shying away from trying new ones. The reason for this? Honestly? … Continue reading Project 30: 30 Sports Before 30

The day I said ‘I do’

Today is my birthday. Despite overcoming the tail end of flu and being riddled with guilt for missing another event I organised through work, it has been a great day: the Funny Boy and Parsnip woke me with breakfast in bed and array of generous gifts. As today marks my 29th birthday I am now … Continue reading The day I said ‘I do’

Stick it to Cancer 2019

Stick it to Cancer is BACK! Following three successful years Stick it to Cancer is back! More information will be available in the New Year but to be kept up to date please click here and join the Facebook Event Page. Alternatively please email Heather at and asked to be added to the mailing list. Stick … Continue reading Stick it to Cancer 2019

Buckaroo to Boxing

By the time I was born my home was already outnumbered by men. With two older brothers and a rock steady dad I have been blessed (haunted) with three strong male role models my whole life. A couple of months ago my brother Gareth shared his journey with #FUCancer. This week Buggernuts takes the spotlight. And for … Continue reading Buckaroo to Boxing

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

With a conscious effort to adopt and apply the growth positive mindset to all aspects of my life this week saw me return to not one but two sports I have lost touch with. As promised I made a pledge to dust off my hockey stick and ditch the negative attitude. On Wednesday night I joined my … Continue reading What would you do if you weren’t afraid?