Duvet Day Indulgence

Do you ever have to cancel plans because you’re not feeling well? In doing this, have you ever felt guilty? I do.

In a time before cancer if ever I had a cold I would resume my normal routine: working, training, socialising. A cold wouldn’t have impacted these. I always had the opinion that a duvet day for a cold would only allow symptoms to manifest. Duvet days seemed indulgent. Therefore I would aim to sweat it out.

On my road to recovery I have slowly scheduled more plans into my week. This has been great because not only do I feel a sense of achievement in doing ‘normal’ things but it is great seeing people. I have missed spending time with my friends and colleagues. Unfortunately I started this week with a cold which brought the usual sore throat, general aches and a snotty face. Couple this with a grumpy wisdom tooth and needless to say I haven’t been feeling my best.

On Monday I cancelled dinner with my friends in a bid to make sure I was fit to return to work on Wednesday. On Tuesday I didn’t feel much better and on the advice of my GP I will be postponing my return to work for another week. Tuesday evening saw me cancel more dinner plans as my cold was still in situ.

Wednesday was a struggle as I spent Tuesday night waking up every two hours. I don’t know if it is the HRT or the pain in my wisdom tooth but the situation repeated itself on Wednesday night too. I am currently lying in bed after cancelling more plans trying to remember a time my life didn’t revolve around duvet days! I have had enough of them in the past few months to last a lifetime. The only plans I have managed to commit to this week are with my doctor, my support worker at Maggie’s and hopefully tomorrow I can add my dentist to that list.

So on top of a snotty, slight swollen face (thanks to the wisdom tooth) and my achey body I feel guilty for cancelling so many plans. It almost feels like a set-back but I have to remember my body is still recovering from its recent achievement. How can I be angry at my immune system for taking its time over a common cold?


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